Saturday, March 5, 2011

Paper crafting...

Just thought I'd share a few projects I've done along the way...I love creating things using my scrapbooking stuff...Lord knows I have enough of it!  :) 

Here's a basket I did a while back...It was for an event to raise money for my son's friend who had cancer.  Good that this boy is ok and leading a normal 11 year old life!  :)

The basket went into a Chinese included note cards, book marks, chocolate treats and gift tags.  Because this event was in November, I made sure to include Christmas and Holiday items that I thought could be useful.

I had so much fun creating this basket!  The best part of the project was that I knew it was going towards a GREAT cause!!!!!   :)

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday...and happy crafting!

Tracy :)


  1. What a wonderful basket, and for such a great cause, I'm so pleased the young man is doing well.

  2. The basket is so pretty! I am a new visitor and follower via boost my blog. I really love the jars; such a great idea.
    Have a blessed weekend:)