Saturday, March 12, 2011

I want it to be SPRING!!!!!

Enough of the winter...according to my calendar...Spring is just around the corner! 
Please...can we go from this...

to this... haste of bringing on Spring...sooner than IT wants to be here...I decided to decorate my front door.  MAYBE...Mother Nature will take notice...?!!

Here's a simple grapevine wreath...I added small artificial flowers to...

Hello Mother Nature...can you hear me now??!!!

Tracy :)


  1. Good idea! Let me know if Mother Nature is listening. Thank you for the spring wreath idea! I LOVE your blog name and purpose!
    Found you via Tip Junkie!

  2. I have a grapevine wreath, that I thrifted, stripped of it's ghastly :-) country blue and mauve raffia, and have been searching the internet for an idea. I love this! Thanks for posting!