Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mudroom Envy...and Spring Project #1...

Our house is not very large...and so we make due and work with what we have!  As you enter into the house from the garage...we have a very tiny room I like to call our "mudroom".  It actually is set up to be a first floor laundry...but in our family...a first floor laundry room open to the kitchen would just not work!  You see, the laundry would be piled up in baskets and most likely, we wouldn't even be able to get into the back door!  :)  Of course I kid, it's not really THAT bad...but it just wouldn't work for us! 

And so...we use our area as a catch all  place to keep jackets and backpacks!  I'd show you a picture, but the hubby removed everything while I was at work!  When I came home for lunch...the "mudroom" was pretty empty!

Just imagine a yellow bench underneath the mirror...and jackets/packbacks thrown all over the hooks and bench!  We also had a shoe cubby (I made out of an old cabinet turned on its side) against the wall closest to the bathroom...

Everything worked for a while...but I wanted to do something different! :)  And so I begged asked the hubby to work his magic...I showed him some pictures I had found in blogland...such INSPIRATION!!!!!!

Here are a few of those pics...

Source unknown

Source Unknown...but love the desk too!

So talented...this was just an empty wall before!

Can't say enough about this one...I think this just might work in our area!  :) that I have some inspriation...we are on our way to creating an updated mudroom!
Stay tuned...  :)

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Oh, to have a mudroom like that last pic! Love your blog, keep it up!

    Terri @

  2. Hi there, happy you found my newbie party. Welcome. I would appreciate you adding my link or button and also become a new friend of mine as well. I host this party every Monday.

  3. Hi, those are great pictures of mudrooms. Hope yours is a success!