Saturday, March 26, 2011


...finish my mudroom that is!  :)  The end is almost  near...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...

OK - you get the idea!

Although I'm not ready for the final reveal...let's take a sneak peek...

Here you can see the bench, shoe cubby and top'll also notice that darn outlet and laundry hook up.  We had to work around this used to be a first floor laundry with the previous owners.  We thought it might be a good idea to keep these in place in case the next owner wants a first floor laundry room.

The board and batten is up...ready to be primed!!!!  Yes, my wonderful hubby decided to use real wood (not primed MDF board) which would have been a bit easier...not to mention a whole lot quicker!  :)

Anyways...I've been priming the wood today and will get my first coat of paint on later tonight! 

Like I said...I'm almost there...  :)

On a side between coats of paint, I've been working on another spring wreath. 

I stole  borrowed the idea from Courtney.  She is super talented!!!!! 
Mine will be ready to go by tomorrow!

Now back to painting...

Tracy :)


  1. hiya tracy , now you really are teasing us x it looks like it will turn out great and i love your working on you rwreath in between coats of paint , sounds like someone i know x going to check out your wreath now so tfs
    happy crafting and painting

  2. looks like it is coming along rather nicely. Thanks for the tease ;-)