Sunday, February 20, 2011

Birthday gift for turning "The big 30"!

A co-worker turned "30" recently and I volunteered to make a gift commemorating her big day!  I think she liked it...
How to...
  • Buy 30 lollipops/"suckers"...I used what I had left over from Halloween since this was an early November b-day gift  :)
  • find small container (found at $1 Store)
  • place foam block inside - then stick each sucker into foam
  • cover with paper filler so you can't see the foam
  • used scrapbooking circle punches, stickers and toothpicks to make the "30" numbers and the word "sucks"
  • wrap with clear bag ~ attach tag that says:
Turning "30" sucks...
But you don't!
Here's a little something 
to make turning "30"
a little sweeter... 

Cute - inexpensive gift that just might make turning the "big 30" a little easier!  :)


  1. cute gift! I bet your co-worker loved it and appreciated all your hard work!

  2. She was surprised and has such a good sense of humor...that she did find it funny! :)