Saturday, April 2, 2011


Are you ready for the BIG REVEAL...?

Let's recap...and check out the BEFORE:
Remember, this was a first floor laundry room for the previous we couldn't get rid of the outlet and laundry hook up...I'm sure it will be hidden once the kiddos hang their jackets on the hooks.  :)

And now the AFTER...
I'm so happy with the way it turned out!  Here's the breakdown:

~ Hubby & my dad built the benches and cubbies
~I primed & only took forever a few days...
~ Had the baskets already & hot glued the chalkboards to each one (chalkboards were Christmas tree ornaments from JoAnn's)
~ Hooks are from Home Depot
~Rug from Kohl's

I had the pillows in my basement...and thought that the colors/pattern might work.  I am still thinking about adding a cushion to the bench...what do you think????

See that HOME sign...I bought the wall vinyl decal from The Christmas Tree Shop...there were 6 different decals on one sheet all for $1.29!  :)  Gotta love that store!!!!!

I just painted a piece of wood I found in my basement and added the decal once the paint dried!  Super easy... :)

Wall Color is Nomadic Desert by SW
B&B wall color is Swiss Coffee by Behr's one more picture...just for good measure! :)

Darn that garage door...I can't seem to get the picture any wider...the backdoor keeps getting in the way!  :)



  1. Hi Tracy, You are so lucky to have a space for a mudroom - i love what you've created for your family! now if they would just use the cubbies instead of the floor, right? xoox, Tracie

  2. Just saw this link on Just A Girl. I love what you did with your mud room. I live in CA so I don't have a mud room, but I see so many people like yourself make them into such beautiful spaces. Great job!

    1. I live in CA also and I would LOVE to make this in my hallway off the garage just to have my kids put all their books, jackets, backpacks, and water polo gear for school. Nice work!!!

  3. That looks fantastic and so useful!!

  4. I love it! I think mudrooms should be as mandatory as bathrooms in homes these days. (Especially homes with busy kids!) Well done - great use of space!

  5. Now following you : )

    love this space!

  6. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!...great job!...I have mudroom envy once again!!!...take a visit over to my blog & follow along if you'd like...I have tons planned...thanks for sharing this space!!...Mariaelena

  7. WOW Tracy that looks fabulous!! LOVE IT! Martina

  8. wow! I love it! I can see how much work and effort went into making that! Great job!

  9. That looks really nice!...your newest follower. hope you can visit me sometime soon!

  10. That looks awesome! That is exactly what I am wanting, although I don't have any space for it. I don't have a mud room/ or front entry hall space - but I am going to be creating one just inside my garage, off my laundry room. I love the look of this and hoping I can get DH to build me the cubby bench.

  11. This is so cute I love what you have done. Found you on Shanty @ Chic.

  12. Love that!!! Wish I had room for one here....can I hang my jacket on yours? My kids keep knocking mine on the floor!

  13. It's fabulous!!!! Love how it turned out!
    Thanks for linking :)

  14. Came over from TDC. Your mudroom looks great!! My mudroom looked similar at one time. Now it's hidden behind a mess of coats, bags, shoes... :)

  15. do you have an instructions on how you did this?? i love it and want to try to do it in my home!

  16. Love this! Thanks for sharing. Do you happen to know wood type and size your Dad and Hubby used? I am adding this to my "Honey Do" list.
    ~Ann Sulkin

  17. I like it! I stumbled across this idea completely by accident but I'm seriously considering doing it now. Our family room "coat closet" is ridiculously small with an inefficient configuration. Push in the vacuum and hang a few coats and it's full. Then I have kids' shoes, jackets, scarves, hats, swim goggles, etc. scattered all over the first floor. I think I house the vacuum somewhere else then this idea might work perfectly for corralling the rest of it.

  18. I would like to second the question about the type of wood you used- dimensions, etc. This is EXACTLY what I would love and would work for us- but I am a little challenged when it comes to figuring that stuff out. :) Great job!!!

  19. I absolutely love it. I agree with Melissa above would love more info. It would work perfect for our back door pantry. We have no room when we walk in so we wanted something for us to put on and take off boots in the winter time and a place to store them. Thank you for the idea.