Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ballard Design Knock Off...

  I was inspired by Traci from Beneath My Heart with these and her awesome tutorial!  I love a knock off and these magnet boards were just the perfect thing to try!

Here's Ballard Design's Bulletin Boards:

Sorry for the blurry pic...

First thing I did was... grab my 3 pieces of craft metal and cover them with painters canvas that I had left over from another craft project...that didn't go so well.  :)

Next,  I followed Traci's awesome directions and watched
this video.

Then I decided to jazz my magnet boards up a bit with some stencils.  I used fabric paint and added a pattern to make these:

See those cute little round magnets...yep, made those too!  I took some scrapbooking "buttons" and added a round magnet to the back with some glue...pretty simple and quick!  I bought the green clothespin in a package of 6 from Michael's...found in the dollar section!  :)

What do ya think? 




  1. Yours turned out super cute!!! Very simple and classy looking!

  2. Oh I love them, very cute!! And great job on the stencil looks like its part of the fabric!

  3. So cute! What is the color of your china hutch holding the magnet board? Did you paint and distress it? I want to copy! I LOVE it!